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We’re a dynamic team of Entrepreneurs & Marketing Experts

We incubate restaurants and to grow with them from the beginning. Owning several restaurants in Toronto, our group has its proven success case of developing new concepts and restaurants in Toronto.

“Restaurants as much as any business are fraught with challenges on the business model. And the thing an incubator can do is help a young entrepreneur who might be a great chef figure out the business model. There are all sorts of business-model decisions a restaurateur has to make that are separate from the fact that they’re a really great chef.”

Our Mission

We are here to help you get new customers through your door and keep them.  Building through all media outlet through traditional print and digital.


Toronto Restaurant Incubator

Food incubators have helped entrepreneurs get their unique recipes onto retail shelves for years. We provide mentoring on everything from cooking to payroll, though, incubators can help propel a talented foodie or just a great idea to the next level.

Establish Working Budget

Discuss with client about the budget that we can work with and provide suggestions for financing.

Create Brand & Marketing Strategy

From logo design, restaurant design to website design, we will make sure you have a consistent online and offline exposure.

Positioning & Market Assessment

Researching on the market to determine the pricing and branding strategy.

Implement Brand Exposure Strategy

Create PR strategy and promote the brand with local media and influencers.

Business Model & Operation Procedures

With the right positioning, we will suggest and decide the appropriate business model and operation model with the client.

Reviewing Business Performance

Review the business performance through different touch points to increase profitability.


Our Services

Our dynamic program is designed to compliment your strengths and to help avoid the many pitfalls new restaurateurs falls into. We have experts from concept development, branding, public relationships, interior design and chef to evaluate your business and improve the business operation.

  • Branding
    Branding includes Logo design, Online and Offline brand building (stamp cards, postcards, name card, posters), and branding elements. We also offer interior design, uniform design and packaging services.
  • Website Building & SEO
    We offer an all-inclusive service that includes designing a modern, mobile-friendly website, and promotion through search engine optimization. Included in your subscription is web hosting, and professional email address.
  • Social Media Management
    Our social media experts will create your branded accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube) and provide content creation expertise. Paid Facebook and Instagram marketing can also be added for additional exposure and audience reach.
  • Restaurant Operations
    Our team will provide training and hiring, corporate structure consulting, internal culture building strategy, and business model consulting - including up-selling and meeting health department standard.
  • Public Relations
    Toronto is a vibrant and diverse city. Creation of your brand story is critical for the success of your restaurant. We will assist with media handling, public relations and creation of press releases for syndication on popular Toronto blogs and news agencies.

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