We're a Multi-Disciplined Design and Build Firm

We specialize in residential renovation and rebuild, delivering our client’s vision through a single contract entity instead of having to coordinate with numerous consultants and contractors.

This streamlined service avoids communications delays, improves construction timeline, enhance cost management capabilities, and ensures accountability throughout all stages of the project. Fast-tracking your design and build projects is our specialty through our design-assist services

The Challenge

Home and Business owners often find it difficult to find qualified and responsive contractors.  It is also very time consuming to handle and manage so many different tasks and parties often leading to delays and over runs in budget and costs.


Why Design and Build?

Your primary advantage is working with one company from start to finish. You save time with people monitoring and going through all of the process. We are here not only to get things done, but also to ensure the outcome will meet your expectations.


Transparent Pricing

Transparent pricing adds value to your build by allowing you to pay for what counts. We achieve this by not marking up interior finishes, building materials and labour costs.

At the onset of the architectural design process we complete construction cost estimate in three phases to ensure th financial feasibility of the preliminary drawings, construction drawings and interior design plans. We also provide you with full disclosure of up to three trade estimates for each phase of the construction process to avoid opportunistic pricing. As the build progresses, we bring these elements together and keep you up to speed with project costs by providing consistent financial breakdowns. This aspect of our structure stretches your dollar further.


Stay Updated

24/7 Project’s status update is the key we always delivered on schedule and gained our client’s trust. Construction issues happens, our design team work cohesively with our construction managers to solve any onsite problems. We provide our clients access to our secured cloud data base. Whether you are at work, on the road or vacation, you will be keeping track on every milestone our team made.


How We Work

  • Project Feasibility Study
    Schedule an initial meeting with us and visit our office for a project feasibility review.
  • Site Visit for 60 minutes
    After having an initial idea of what you want, we will visit your site for no less than an hour to verify the scope of work. We strongly recommend your family members or relevant parties to attend the meetings so that we can get an idea of their thoughts and concerns. At the end of the day, it is about satisfying their needs and expectations. Included in your subscription is web hosting, and professional email address.
  • Preliminary Design Contract
    Provide initial ideas for customers to choose directions, the color, the mood and the tone. For a fixed fee, we will help you understand what is possible with your property, its cost as well as its need time. A fixed fee of $4,000 ~ $8000 will be collected on this stage.
  • Measuring and Preparing Existing Plans
    We will send a team to the site for detailed measurements. If it requires any city permits, we will do a preliminary research to ascertain the zoning regulations that apply to your property.
  • Design Development
    After confirming the directions and knowing your concern, we will move to the next stage on rendering and lists of materials, furniture and fixtures which fit your budget. Providing different options and ideas for you to review, we will also schedule follow-up meetings to understand more of your ideas and concerns. Then we will take your feedback about the draft plan and make variation and adjustments.
  • Budgeting and Zoning
    Once we have a desired design and plan, we will deliver a zoning feasibility, construction estimate cost based on preliminary design.
  • Design and Build Agreement
    During this stage, we need to make a firm commitment to each other to get things going. The project manager will then set up a schedule for constructions which includes building permit application and a detailed selection list of materials, finishes, furniture and fixtures.
  • Pre-Construction
    The selection list contains all details of the decision that we need your confirmation. You are also welcome to input all the product, fixture and finish selections on your own. Our experienced designers will be able to work with you to input your ideas into your desired home, from furniture to artwork. Our firm also covers the project with 5,000,000 insurance policy.
  • Construction
    Our project manager coordinates all necessary arrangements to execute the works, ensuring that the work follows the plan and time schedule. We will also communicate with you frequently to provide updates on the construction. Of course, you are more than welcome to come onsite to monitor the process. You will also find updates online through our system which is accessible online. We understand the importance of deadlines: Most of our clients will be either renting short-term or make other arrangements to be away from their home during the construction period. Therefore, we accommodate our clients by compensating them with a $200.00 daily refund for every day we go beyond our guaranteed deadline.
  • Post Construction
    Sometimes little issues can arise after the house settles, and as humidity and temperature level change throughout the year. We will provide a 1 year no-nonsense warranty for our work. We are ready to come back promptly and address the issues if any.

What are you waiting for?